How to participate in an IDO / sale

Short guide

  1. TrustPad's token is TPAD. TPAD enables its holders to participate in IDOs, INOs and other sales (seed, private and strategic). Check the desired level you want and purchase that amount of TPAD.

  2. Stake the TPAD into an IDO or IDO LP pool. Either stake it in an IDO pool (14d - 1095d) on the staking page or create a TPAD-BNB LP and stake it in an IDO LP staking pool and earn simultaneously passive income in TPAD while enjoying the ROI of the projects you participate in. The 1095-day also provides APR in TPAD.

  3. Register in an IDO or other sale you want to participate in. Go to its sale page. You can search sales from the sales page.

  4. On the sale page, buy the tokens. Approve the use of USDT. Then during the normal sale time purchase the allocated amount using USDT. Purchase them before the FCFS rounds.

  5. You can take part in the FCFS sale after the normal sale time. It has 4 equally long rounds allowing you to buy more (+50%, +100%, +200% & unlimited).

  6. Claim your tokens at the claiming time or whenever you choose to claim them. Stake, trade or do whatever you see fit with the project tokens.

That it is. In this way, you can get early access to the most promising blockchain projects.

Detailed guide

The TrustPad system


TrustPad's token is TPAD. TPAD enables its holders to participate in IDOs, INOs and other events like seed, private and strategic sales. The sales on TrustPad happen on the BNB chain and are usually funded by USDT. Read more about how to set it up in Metamask.


TrustPad uses a level (or tier) system to determine the amount of guaranteed allocation a participant is entitled to. These levels start from 20 000 TPAD (PARTAKER) being staked in the IDO staking pool and go up to 10 000 000 TPAD (SINGULARITY). The number of sale participants and their allocation multiplier designated to their level calculate how much allocation is provided per a base allocation, which is set once the registration period closes shortly before the start of the raise.


Along with the tiers there are three echelons, Guaranteed (G), All-Access Guaranteed (AAG) and Super All-Access Guaranteed (SAAG). Seed, strategic and private sales might be restricted to AAG+ echelon tiers only. That means that only AAG and SAAG members can participate in these sales unless defined otherwise. The AAG echelon members enjoy higher allocation boosters and the SAAG members are even higher than AAG.

Staking durations

There are different staking durations to choose: 14, 30, 60, 90, 180, 365, 730 and 1095 days.

The 1095-day pool, the True Loyalist pool, will provide the highest possible perks and benefits like APR in TPAD, redistribution rewards like the DH rewards and airdrops (free tokens) in the incubation and close-collaboration projects. Some of the special perks and benefits might also be issued to the 365 and 730-day pool stakers.

The main benefit of staking in a longer-period pool is to attain a better allocation booster, more allocations in the sales.

Allocation boosters

Different echelons provide different allocation boosters. The higher your echelon, the higher is your allocation booster. Also, the longer your staking period, the higher is your allocation booster. The staking duration is the main determiner in the allocation boosters.

Whitelist competitions

There are also whitelist competitions in which one can acquire an entry-level allocation for a project.

Staking dashboard / levels page

On the staking dashborad / levels page you can review allocation boosters, different levels i.e. tiers, and echelons. You can stake your desired level and see your staked tier and its effective allocation multiplier. The page also shows possible APR and other perks and benefits you are entitled to. It also has links to other sections like Diamond Hands section.

Account page

On the account page, you can check all the sales you have participated in, input your sale participation wallets, perform your KYC process, check your tier, effective allocation multiplier, and the stats regarding your participation in the sales.

Staking TPAD to access an IDO / sale

First, you need to attain TPAD, please follow the process below:

Once you have got a specific amount of TPAD for the desired tier you want in your wallet, stake it in by completing the following steps:

  1. Approve the interaction, the use of TPAD for the staking.

  2. Stake the amount of TPAD you want to stake.

Once the sale page opens for a project, make sure to register for the IDO or other sale so you will get your participation in the purchase of that sale secured.

Registering for an IDO / sale

We DO NOT manually register you. You can only register for a sale during the registration period.

We DO NOT give you a place in the whitelist winners.

We DO NOT change the registered wallet if you can't access the original one because you are on vacation / it crashes / etc.

Registration is required to correctly determine the base allocation for each IDO / sale. The stakers who don't register in the sale will not be calculated, which keeps the base allocation higher.

  • Usual registration timeline:

  • opens 48 hours before the sale starts.

  • closes 6 hours before the sale starts.

As mentioned, you will need to register for the IDO to be eligible. To do so, make sure to register on the project pool page.

Participating in the IDO / sale

You will need to APPROVE, and then BUY - only then it means you purchased the tokens.

Before the sale start you will be able to see if you won in a whitelist competition. Visit How to know if I won in a whitelist competition to learn more.

Once the raise is live, the sale will last a maximum of 24 hours. The guaranteed allocation round will normally last 23 hours and 40 minutes, followed by up to four 5-minute FCFS rounds totalling 20 minutes. The FCFSes are only for TPAD stakers. You need to complete these steps to participate:

1. Go to the pool page (sale project page).

2. Enter the number of tokens you want to buy

3. Approve the interaction using the "Approve" button

It's required to allow the IDO / sale contract to transfer USDT as your payment.

4. Fund your allocation with USDT using the "Buy" button

The IDO / sale contract will automatically transfer the required amount of USDT from your wallet. Buy USDT from PancakeSwap of transfer it into your wallet.

5. Ensure you purchased the tokens.

You should see the number of tokens you purchased in the buy form.

Make sure to buy your allocation before the FCFS round of the IDO / sale as you are no more guaranteed to buy your allocation at that point of the sale.

DO NOT send USDT directly to the IDO / sale contract. The contract will not accept it as your investment. ALWAYS use the buy form.

If you did it and want a refund, we will take a fee equal to 30% of the amount due to the required manual work.

Participating in the FCFS (first come, first served) sale phase

If the sale is not sold out during the main sale time, the FCFS (first come, first served) sale phase starts. Normally 20 minutes to 1 hour is allocated to the FCFS phase. The total duration varies from sale to sale depending on the sale raise and market conditions.

The FCFS phase consists of 4 rounds with the same duration. Each round offers a higher additional allocation. The first two rounds are open only for the registered participants. The last two rounds are open for all the TPAD stakers regardless of their registration.

If a special situation in the progress of the sale occurs, then special measures can be taken to ensure that the sale sells out 100%. These measures include extending the FCFS sale phase and increasing the base allocation for everyone. It is crucially important that the sales do not progress into the fourth, unlimited round, thereby these measures may be set for some sales during the progress of these sales.

Only the stakers can get an additional FCFS allocation. Whitelisted participants do not get extra during the FCFS phase.

Let's see how the rounds work for a sale with an FCFS duration equal to 40 minutes:

You need to refresh the IDO page at the start of an FCFS interval to see your updated allocation as soon as possible.


Example 1 Your level: ASSOCIATE

IDO / sale base allocation: 1× = $8

Your default allocation multiplier: 15×

Your staking pool: 365-day

Your allocation booster for the 365d staking pool: +180% i.e. 2.8×

Your effective allocation multiplier: 15 x 2.8 = 42×

Your allocation: 42 × $8 = $336. That is how much you can buy during the normal round.

Once the FCFS phase starts, you can buy more:

FCFS phase duration: 20 minutes, four 5-minute rounds

1st round: First 5 minutes of the FCFS: +50% extra to your initial allocation, $336 + $168 = $504 in total.

2nd round: 5 - 10 minutes: +100%, $336 + $336 = $672 in total

3rd round: 10-15 minutes: +200%, $336 + $672 = $1008 in total

4th round: Last 5 minutes until the end of sale: unlimited. Example 2

Your level: EXECUTIVE

IDO / sale base allocation: 1× = $6

Your default allocation multiplier: 31×

Your staking pool: 1095-day

Your allocation booster for the 1095d staking pool: +390% i.e. 4.9×

Your effective allocation multiplier: 31 x 4.9 = 151.9×

Your allocation: 151.9 × $6 = $911.40 That is how much you can buy during the normal round.

Once the FCFS phase starts, you can buy more:

FCFS phase duration: 20 minutes, four 5-minute rounds

1st round: First 5 minutes of the FCFS: +50% extra to your initial allocation, $911.40 + $446.40 = $1367.10 in total.

2nd round: 5 - 10 minutes: +100%, $911.40 + $911.40 = $1822.80 in total

3rd round: 10-15 minutes: +200%, $911.40 + $1822.80 = $2734.20 in total

4th round: Last 5 minutes until the end of sale: unlimited. Note: Usually the FCFSes do not reach the 2nd round.

Claim your tokens

After the sale on the sale page there is a claim section in which you can claim the tokens you purchased when they become vested, are distributed. After claiming you can stake them in the staking pools the project offers or trade them in the DEXes (decentralized exchanges) like PancakeSwap or Uniswap and CEXes (centralized exchanges) that are offered and mentioned in the sale page.

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