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How to participate in an IDO

TrustPad IDOs happen on BSC network and are usually funded by BUSD. Read more about how to set it up in Metamask.
TrustPad uses a Levels system to determine the amount of guaranteed allocation a participant is entitled to. These levels start from 10k TPAD (AFFILIATE) being staked in the IDO staking pool and go up to 1,000,000 TPAD (SINGULARITY). The multiple assigned to each level calculates how much allocation is provided per a base allocation, which is set once the registration period closes shortly before the start of the raise.
There are also lower lottery levels, starting from 3k TPAD which give you a much higher chance of obtaining an allocation when compared to the public whitelist.
You can review and stake into the Levels via the link below.

Staking TPAD to access the IDO

First you need to get TPAD, please follow the process below:
Once you’ve got some TPAD in your wallet, stake in by completing the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Approve the interaction
  2. 2.
    Stake number of TPAD you want to stake
Once the pool page opens for a project, make sure to register for the IDO so you get your spot secured.

Registering for the IDO

We DO NOT manually register you if you forgot it, you only can do it during the registration period.
We DO NOT give you a place in whitelist winners.
We DO NOT change the registered wallet if you can't access the original one because you're on vacation/it crashed/etc.
Registration is required to correctly determine the base allocation for each IDO. Stakers not interested in participation won't be considered, which allows to keep the base allocation higher.
  • Usual registration timeline:
  • opens 48 hours before the sale start
  • closes 6 hours before the sale start
As mentioned, you will need to register for the IDO to be eligible. To do so, make sure to register on the project pool page.

Participating in the IDO

You will need to APPROVE, and then BUY - only then it means you purchased the tokens.
Before the sale start you will be able to see if you won in a lottery or whitelist competition. Visit How to know if I won in lottery, whitelist to learn more.
Once the raise is live, the guaranteed allocation round will last approximately 6 hours, followed by an FCFS round which is only for TPAD stakers and whitelisted wallets. You need to complete these steps to participate:
1. Head to the pool page
2. Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
3. Approve the interaction using the "Approve" button
It's required to allow the IDO contract to transfer BUSD as your payment
4. Fund your allocation with BUSD using the "Buy" button
The IDO contract will automatically transfer the required amount of BUSD from your wallet.
5. Ensure you purchased the tokens
You should see the number of tokens you purchased in the buy form.
Make sure to buy your allocation before the FCFS round of the IDO as you are no more guaranteed to buy your allocation at that point of the sale.
DO NOT send BUSD directly to the IDO contract. The contract won't accept it. ALWAYS use the buy form.
If you did it and want a refund, we will take a fee equal to 30% of the amount due to the required manual work.

Participating in the FCFS (First Come, First Served) round

If the sale is not sold out during the main sale time, the FCFS (First Come, First Served) phase starts. We allocate from 20 minutes to 1 hour to the FCFS phase, the total duration varies from sale to sale depending on the sale size and market conditions.
The FCFS phase consists of 4 rounds with the same duration. Each round offers a higher additional allocation. The first two rounds are open only for registered participants and for the people lost in the lottery. The last two rounds are open for all stakers regardless of their registration or lottery status.
Only stakers get an additional FCFS allocation. Whitelisted participants do not get extra during the FCFS phase.
Let's see how the rounds work for a sale with an FCFS duration equal to 40 minutes:
Extra allocation in %
Who can buy
Phase 1
15 minutes
Registered participants, including the ones who lost in the lottery
Phase 2
15 minutes
Registered participants, including the ones who lost in the lottery
Phase 3
15 minutes
All stakers regardless of their registration or lottery status
Phase 4
15 minutes
All stakers regardless of their registration or lottery status
You need to refresh the IDO page at the start of an FCFS interval to see your updated allocation as soon as possible.
IDO base allocation: 1x = $50
Your level: ASSOCIATE 6x
Your allocation: 6 x $50 = $300. That is how much you can buy during the normal round.
Once the FCFS phase starts, you can buy more:
First 15 minutes of the FCFS: +50% extra to your initial allocation, $300 + $150 = $450 in total
15 - 30 minutes: +100%, $300 + $300 = $600 in total
30-45 minutes: +200%, $300 + $600 = $900 in total
Last 15 minutes until the end of sale: unlimited.