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Getting TPAD

The TrustPad site also has a "Buy TPAD" button at the top which will send you to PancakeSwap to swap for TPAD. The UI of PCS sometimes doesn’t feed through the contract code, so manually searching is often required.
If this is these case, click on ‘Select a currency’ and manually input the contract code to the search bar, then select ‘TPAD’ once it pops up.
The TPAD contract code is: 0xADCFC6bf853a0a8ad7f9Ff4244140D10cf01363C
Manually search for TPAD


If the TPAD contract does not show in PancakeSwap's Exchange function, you can try to use the function in an incognito / private window.
To buy TPAD you can also use Dextools, it uses PancakeSwap. Just buy using the Buy/Sell function on the page:
Buy TPAD on DEXTools
You can find this link from the TrustPad front page, just click the Live Chart button there.
Alternatively, you can use also